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Reaching beyond traditional occupational, physical, and speech-language therapy by providing a comprehensive approach to help children live fully in the home, school, and community. Addressing the occupations of children (how they play, engage, move, eat, and sleep) within therapy domains (physical, social-emotional, motor, visual, sensory, communication, cognition). Parent training, teacher collaboration, and professional teamwork is emphasized.

I love that each day I can engage with children in "just right" activities, share laughter, and watch growth happen before my eyes. I'm devoted to sharing this experience with parents, so that together we encourage their child's ability to live fully: fully engaged, fully empowered, and fully prepared for the next achievement.

As an Occupational therapist practicing for over 20 years, I've found that the only way to truly facilitate development is to have relationships that go beyond clinical or goal-based interactions. When we engage with a child's whole world, he or she receives consistent support for growth and learning. I use my professional training and experience to identify a child's specific needs and individualize a supportive therapy program. To achieve meaningful progress, I partner with parents and teachers to implement those measures. By spending time with the family, I learn their daily struggles and needs, as well as their strcngths and routines. When parents understand their child's skills, and the therapy that will improve those skills, they are able to join in the process with their child. Engaged parents are empowered to advocate for their child in his or her spheres of interaction, influencing real growth. By reaching beyond the dedicated therapy environment, I give families and teachers the tools they need to help children develop strengths in significant and lasting ways.

I would love to learn more about your family. Please contact me to schedule your free consultation.

Rachel Shoener, OTR/L


John 10:10 Jesus said- "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."

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