Family Unity

"We have greatly appreciated having Rachel as my son's OT. Not only has she educated us, she also has a keen sense for my son's needs and a great connection with him. Having OT that is specific to his needs has made an incredible difference for him and our whole family. Through therapeutic listening and a brushing protocol, we have watched many of my son's sensitivities decrease. Times where he would be aggressive or upset because of loud noises, he is able to continue without noticing them, or join the activity. He wants to snuggle more. These are just a few examples of changes that have not only helped my son, but brought us closer as a whole family. Through the therapy, we have seen a new sense of unity in our family, something we have been praying for specifically since this summer. It is exciting to watch these changes, and it encourages us to keep learning more about what can best help him flourish as he grows."


Telford, PA

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